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Proverb A Day Fast

As you begin this 21 day journey of fasting and praying it is our hope that you will see Jesus in new ways, that walls will be broken down, strongholds set free, joy restored, and ultimately that your faith would be renewed. Each day remember to spend time in God’s word but also specific quiet time in prayer. This fast will help you dive deeper in our discipleship pillars of reading and responding and prayer and fasting.


Fasting traditionally means removing all food for a certain period of time. The 21 day fast comes from the account of Daniel where he was determined not to defile himself by eating the King's food that had been sacrificed to idols. (Daniel 10) Instead he and his friends ate only fruits and vegetables for a period of 21 days. We believe that the spiritual discipline of fasting is something between you and your audience of One, Jesus. That if prayer was important in Jesus’ ministry then it is VITAL to ours! We get our direction, passion and faith from meeting with Our Living creator who longs to speak to you!


Join us as we fast and pray for our church, our city and our own families. Download the daily devotional here...

Or just follow along by clicking on the appropriate day below.

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