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Prayers were answered, decisions were made, tears were shed, God is amazing, and we all SURVIVED!

We had over 100 people go to camp with us this year! God kicked down doors to make it happen, and we are so excited that He did! We also had 6 baptisms at the lake as well!

Your prayers played the biggest role for us at camp. You are just as much a part of this camp as our leaders because of your prayers. Thank you for being involved in our youth ministry.

Some of my favorite stories came from our "Tribal Council" nights aka Chapel. Seeing students worship with their hands high with arm and arm around each other was so powerful!

My favorite night came when we were standing together in the middle of the woods and looked up at the stars. The night was dark, but the stars were bright. As we looked up, we shared how big our God is! No matter how big a situation looks in our lives, God is bigger. The students then shared out loud things they were grateful for, and it was amazing.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for sending some of your students to camp, and thank you for pouring into our next generation! You all are a blessing!

This month, at youth group, there will be water games, so have your student come ready! We are excited to see God continue to move in their lives!

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