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Youth Camp Info!

Hello Hope City Family!

Thank you for all who have been so dedicated, not just to our youth, but to Hope City! Your involvement has been such an encouragement and a blessing.

A few details about youth:

We have summer camp coming up (June 26-30). We have a few spots remaining for both JH and HS. Just a reminder, that this year at UCYC, high school and junior high will be in separate camps at the same location. I am thrilled about this because these grades will get to hear topics and messages to THEIR age!

Attached are the two themes, packing list, and schedule for the week so you can get a "sneak peek" at what your student will be learning and what they will be doing on those days! It's also a great opportunity to pray during the week over those specific times that they will be hearing about Jesus and the Gospel. If you still want to sign up, there's still time!

Youth Fundraiser

We have a fundraiser coming up for camp! This Sunday, (5/21), we will be having our youth selling burritos in the lobby in between the 9am & 11am services! Be sure to bring an appetite! These funds help us not only get some of our students to camp, but our leaders! We want to invest in our students at Hope City, and we also want to invest in our leaders! We are sending some of our HC Youth leaders to camp with our students to continue to pour into them and walk life with them! So these donations will help with our expenses of investing in our leaders to get them to camp as well as your student!

If you're interested in seeing what God is doing through the lives our our students and why we believe in investing in our youth, we have testimonies we would love to share with you! Our youth are learning so much about God's love for them, their identity, and their purpose!

Listen as Jayla shares how summer camp impacted her life!

Listen as Tatum shares how one message changed her entire perspective on church!

Listen as Hunter explains how God showed him how He took something that seemed "bad" and turned it for good!

We are excited about what God is doing in and through our youth! Please join us in praying for our youth, our youth leaders, and our summer camp! Please pray for:

  • Safe travels to camp and back

  • That the Word of God would impact the hearts and lives of the students that are attending

  • That our leaders would have wisdom and discernment as they walk through life with the youth

  • That God would continue to provide for our camp

  • That our students will grow in their walks and relationship with the LORD

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us! Thankful for you all!

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