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Missions On The Move | Winter Update

Hope City Brings H.O.P.E. to Missions

Are you wondering how does Hope City bring H.O.P.E. to missions? We do this by Helping Other People Experience...Jesus, Salvation, Freedom, Education, Peace, Safety and Wholeness. That's what missions is all about. Hope City supports missions who bring the message of H.O.P.E., which is the message of Jesus, to the people they serve. Let's meet some of the people who serve in missions at home and abroad.

Brian & Denice Gandy - Global Training Network

On January 15th, Brian was at Hope City. He talked about what has been happening with missions in India, Africa and Egypt. It was encouraging to hear how GTN is helping train and equip local pastors and leaders. The highlight of the evening was fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters from International Christian Fellowship of Phoenix a local church of India believers who also brought delicious samosas too.

For more information click here.

Catie Smith - Action International Ministries/Philippines

Peace-Peace Learning Center has become a reality in the Philippines! With help from youth within the community the center has been beautifully painted, decorated and is now open. In the near future a roof top garden and upper floor are also being planned. But for now, children have a safe place to play and learn. Thank you, Hope City for helping to make this a haven of hope. For more information click here.

David Vengadesalam- Choices Pregnancy Centers

Did you know that for 39 years Choices Pregnancy Centers has held an annual walk to save the lives of the pre-born? This year on February 23rd there will be a March for Life event. For more details and information on how you can participate check out this event and other news.

For more information click here.

Rachel Chavez - Kids Alive International/Dominican Republic

Thanks to you the children of Kid's Alive celebrated a joyous Dia de los Reyes holiday. It's the DR's equivalent to Christmas. Kids Alive elementary school is now the sole elementary school being contracted with the government. This means that Rachel will be able to start some long awaited and needed programs and to develop a more comprehensive program for her special education students.

For more information click here.

Kyle & Krista Fox - Calvary Chapel Belem, Brazil

Congratulations to Calvary Chapel Belem. They've recently ordained Kelvin as the new assistant pastor. He and his wife Heloisa are also expecting their first child. What an exciting time for Chapel Belem. This ministry is experiencing new growth in their kids and youth programs too. The Proverbs 24:11 outreach is growing and serving more women monthly. For more information click here.

Rick & Delilah Smith - You Matter Ministries

Pastor Rick and Delilah take Jesus to the streets. To the lost and hurting and to the ones forgotten by men but not by God. Their mission is to be Jesus in action "to the least of these". They do this by meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of people hardest hit by poverty in the Phoenix metro area. They provide the gospel, clothing, food, community and love. This outreach is currently endeavoring to build a permanent shelter in which to better serve their community.

For more information click here.

Randy & Laurie Southwick - Solitude Place

Recently, Randy was in Cuba training and raising up fourteen missionaries to be sent wherever God directs them to go. Many will choose to go into areas where persecution is prevalent not only in Cuba but foreign lands as well. The classes included topics on spiritual and soul care while on missions. In addition, they were taught how communication improves relationships.

For more information click here.

Bob & Jeanne Claycamp - Poimen Ministries

Bob has stepped into the role of interim pastor, in October, along with his wife Jeanne. They accepted this position at Calvary Chapel Windsor in Colorado. They were asked to step in and assist in securing a permanent pastor after the church suffered the tragic loss of their pastor and his wife in an auto accident. Bob and Jeanne also served for several weeks in Bristol England when their pastor left for a a=sabbatical. They serve the body of Christ with a shepherd's wherever they are called.

For more information click here.

Terry & Cyndi Cirre - Wycliff Bible Translators/Papua New Guinea

Terry is still serving as the Highlands Regional Director. He continues working with the team to facilitate and distribute solar Audio Bibles. Cyndi is working with Assignment Specialist assisting with staffing. Recently. they were told that an entire village and its church were burned to the ground by a rival tribe. Everything was lost, but...there was one incredible miracle.

For more information click here

For additional information about the other missions that Hope City supports go to

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