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Jayla's Story

YOUth Matter

“I hated God. I felt that He didn’t love me and I was all alone”.

- Jayla L.

Jayla is a part of Hope City Youth. Before she became a Christian, she hated God because she felt God hated her. Jayla’s aunt invited her to attend a youth camp. At youth camp, a preacher asked “everyone who hadn’t gone to God and wanted to, raise your hand”. Jayla had no intention of “going to God” that week. “Something in my mind told me to raise my hand.” Jayla raised her hand and felt a weight lift off her shoulders. Jayla recognized she needed love, not hate. Jayla has learned that even if you give your life to God, trials still happen. But God is with us each step of the way!

Listen to Jayla tell her story of HOPE here:

Please share this story with someone to encourage them HOPE has a name! His name is Jesus!

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