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HOPE CITY REWIND................


Pastor Joshua delivered a very strong sermon on marriage entitled: Marriage: What's in your History. This is a sermon well worth watching and re-watching as it provides insight into marriage and the challenges and rewards matrimony can provide. Whether you are married, going to be married, thinking of marriage, want to be married or single, the sermon will provide a sound basis for considering this most serious commitment and institution God gave to man and woman.


Hope City Church will be hosting a First Responders training class on Friday, October 8. The class will be presented by Strategos International. The class is aimed at church security teams and staff and all are invited to attend. For more information, cost and registration please go to


Hope City Church has a need for volunteers in all areas of the church. Greeters, security, children's ministry, ushers and many other areas. We are looking with a people with a heart to serve. Any training needed will be provided so that you can function like a "pro". This church is your church; the church is you representing Jesus!!

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