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Missions On The Move

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Hope City Brings H.O.P.E. to Missions

Are you wondering how does Hope City bring H.O.P.E. to missions? We do this by Helping Other People Experience...Jesus, Salvation, Freedom, Education, Peace, Safety and Wholeness. That's what missions is all about. Hope City supports missions who bring the message of H.O.P.E., which is the message of Jesus, to the people they serve. Let's meet some of the people who serve in missions at home and abroad.

Kyle & Krista Fox - Calvary Chapel Belem, Brazil

Kyle & Krista Fox baptizing

Hope City partners with the Fox family and Calvary Chapel Belem. Thanks to this partnership the church has experienced growth in numbers and discipleship. It has expanded its outreach into the community through programs like the Coffee Shop, Women's and Prov 24:11 Ministries, and River Trips that reach out to the river communities by providing essential services.

For more information click here.

Brian & Denice Gandy - Global Training Network

Through the ministry of GTN Hope City reaches out to pastors around the world. Often these pastors are part of the persecuted church. Through financial support, we assist in bringing teams into these areas. Local translators assist and the indigenous pastors are taught the word of God. This training better equips the pastors to lead their congregations. Through GTN Hope City is "going into all the world..."

For more information click here.

Terry & Cyndi Cirre - Wycliff Bible Translators/Papua New Guinea

Covid restrictions have kept Terry and Cyndi from returning to PNG but not from the mission. They continue to translate the Bible into local languages through maintaining contact with their language groups. The release of audio Bibles is also in production. Hope City is helping to make this all possible with its continued support and prayers.

For more information click here.

Rachel Chavez - Kids Alive International/Dominican Republic

Kids Alive is an international program designed to educate, disciple and strengthen the family structure. Hope City partners with Rachel through financial support. Rachel has begun a clothing and stuffed animal toy drive. Hope City is assisting and will be having an outreach for donation items. We are also looking to send a group to the DR in the near future.

For more information click here.

Randy & Laurie Southwick - Solitude Place

Hope City you are helping to restore and refresh pastors and their families through the services at Solitude Place. Whether it's counseling, encouragement or a walk in the country Solitude Place provides the restoration and help that's needed.

For more information click here.

Catie Smith - Action International Ministries/Philippines

Action International's focus is on children. Hope City is a financial supporter of Action and Catie Smith. Catie is passionate about missions. She runs the local library that helps children develop their reading skills. She teaches over 300 students and runs Bible studies for the children and the communities they live in.

For more information click here.

David Vengadesalam- Choices Pregnancy Centers

At Hope City we believe that every life is valuable in God's eyes. That's why we support Choices. They offer care for both mother and child with compassion and love. Some of the services they provide include pregnancy testing and counseling, neonatal health care, information on community services and adoption.

For more information click here.

Bob & Jeanne Claycamp - Poimen Ministries

Poimen means "Shephard" and Poimen Ministries provides services to lead pastors. Whether it's supporting the pastor or providing ministry and worship assessment's that strengthen the local church.

Poimen is there with services that address every aspect of church ministry.

For more information click here.

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