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Get ready for Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas and in order to do that...

On November 13th from 7am-10am we will be having a "Love Your Church" day to clean up some needed areas at the church facility and provide some much needed items for Christmas.

What can you do?

  1. Come Saturday, November 13th (7am-10am) and help clean out the shed, paint a bathroom, clean some windows, sweep some sidewalks, pull out some Christmas Supplies, clean the baptistry, clean some chairs, write some thank you cards. This would be outstanding!

  2. Bring a Christmas Tree that you are not using anymore. We are looking to have 10-12 Christmas Trees for the stage during Christmas. If you have a Christmas tree from 4ft-12 ft (any size) and you do not need it anymore, we would love to use it for our Christmas display this year (or a new one).

  3. Christmas Lights - We will be decorating the fence and the top of the church building with Christmas lights. We are looking for new Christmas light strands (white) lights to put on the church. You are welcome to begin bringing these items. We will be putting them up on Monday, November 29th. Bring what you can.

We will have donuts for all Saturday morning, November 13th. So come hungry to serve and to eat as we get ready for Christmas.

Can't wait to see you there.

Because of Jesus,

Pastor Joshua

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