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4th of July Sunday! What to expect???

Sunday, we celebrate our Independence Day as a country as well as celebrating our freedom in Jesus!

Because of the holiday, we will be having a family style service Sunday morning.

Hope City Kids (HCK) will be joining the sanctuary service for a collaborative Sunday experience.

HCK will help lead songs along with our worship team. It will be a service for the whole family to enjoy. , Our current series, "God's Family" will dive into sharpening our skills on why it's so important to read and study the bible. We can't wait to celebrate with you this Sunday.


Food Trucks, Families, Fireworks and a Fun atmosphere for all. If you're looking for a place to hang out for some 4th of July Festivities, this Sunday night, you are welcome to park in the parking lot and watch the Fireworks from the City of Surprise event.

Join a team

We would love to have you connect with a team to serve on. There are so many wonderful opportunities for people to join and serve one another at your church - From Hospitality, to our Hello Greeting Team, Media Team, Worship Team, Hope City Community Choir, Hope City Kids to our youth group. We would love to see you join a team and help grow the serving community here at Hope City. Join today and make a difference in the lives at your church and for our community.


We have seen 138 people get baptized this past year! If you would like to get baptized, we will be having baptisms Sunday, July 25th. Make a decision today and sign up to profess your faith in Jesus. We can't wait to celebrate what Jesus has done in you by watching you take your next step of obedience in Christ through Baptism.

God is doing great things at Hope City. Keep sharing the Hope that we have in Jesus by inviting a friend and neighbor. Let's be about the invitation of Hope.

See you Sunday.

Pastor Joshua

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